Construction Project Manager

Posted 3 years ago

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Construction Project Manager duties and responsibilities

Construction project managers are responsible for the following:

  • Collaborating with engineers, architects and construction personnel
  • Selecting subcontractors and delegating work
  • Problem-solving to address delays, emergencies or other issues
  • Comply with safety and building codes as well as legal requirements
  • Reporting progress to clients
  • Explaining contract and technical matters in a clear manner
  • Preparing budgets, cost estimates, schedules, and timelines

Construction Project Manager skills and qualifications

The following are important skills that the Construction Project Manager should possess:

  • Great customer service, communication, and customer service skills
  • Proven leadership skills and ability to delegate work
  • Exceptional time management skills, ability to estimate work effort and time needed for various construction jobs
  • Good writing skills for proposals and reports
  • Excellent technical skills and understanding of construction methods, contracts, and blueprints

Construction Project Manager education and training requirements

Some employers require a bachelor’s degree in construction science. Construction Project Managers who oversee smaller projects may combine years of work experience with an associate’s degree. Many states require licenses and certifications from organizations such as the American Institute of Constructors and Construction Management Association of America.

Construction Project Manager experience requirements

Practical construction management experience is required. Internships or previous construction experience can be helpful.

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