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Watson-PJD A Joint Venture

PJ Dick has successfully completed more than $12 billion in general construction activity and has a bonding capacity of $1.75 billion in aggregate and $400 million for any single project. PJ Dick is consistently ranked among the nation’s Top 100 General Contractors in the nation by the Engineering News-Record which we are very proud of based on the fact that we are a regional contractor. As a result of this experience, and a strong commitment to the clients and the communities they serve, PJ Dick has been consistently honored with “best of class” status in the construction industry.

LF Driscoll-Watson Organization Partnership

Founded in 1929, LF Driscoll has earned our reputation as a construction management leader in the Mid-Atlantic. The collective talent and expertise of our people, clients, and partners have resulted in hundreds of buildings that pioneer research, advance medical treatment, and patient care, showcase art and entertainment, preserve cultural treasures, and educate generations.

Turner -Watson Organization Partnership

Turner and Watson’s relationship dates back five years, to our first project together: the 201 Rouse Building at the Navy Yard that was completed in 2016. At the time, Ivan Watson’s company was a successful commercial and industrial painting company. Ivan utilized his strong results-based relationships and experience with companies like Turner Construction and other GC’s to grow his company into today’s Watson Organization, Inc., a robust and expanded enterprise that specializes in construction management, general construction, and industrial painting for clients throughout the eastern United States. The Watson Organization, Inc. offers its clients its unique expertise in customizing client deliverables rooted in a strong understanding of procedures and strategies. It is for these reasons that we have selected The Watson Organization, Inc. as our preferred partner to activate and execute this project.