Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

At Watson, we pride ourselves on our enduring relationship with our clients, working together on a multitude of projects. As we continue to make strides in healthcare construction, we are excited to highlight our collaborative journey with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Highlights of Our Projects:

MRI Suite at Colket Translational Research Building: This project includes more than 3,000 SF of new MRI and required infrastructure upgrade added to the advance research facility at CHOP. This project demanded meticulous planning and construction to ensure optimal performance and safety. Our team at Watson, possesses the expertise to create such specialized environments. From radiofrequency shielding and magnetic field control to comprehensive safety measures, we integrated the necessary elements to guarantee a controlled and secure space for researchers and participants.


Enabling Projects for CHOP new patient tower: Watson team have successfully completed 50,000 SF of interior renovation at CHOP’s main hospital and other facilities including new emergency rooms, CICU rooms, patient rooms, ECMO training department, conference rooms and new offices, as well as upgrading the MEP systems. At Watson, we understand the uniques challenges s and requirements involved in construction projects within active hospital environments. We prioritize safety, minimizing disruption, infection control measures, effective communication to ensure a smooth construction process.